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Rod Models

Mite 6 Foot 8 Inches, 5 weight.

This model is a copy of a remote Paul Young design that was done at the request of the late Arthur Neumann of the old Wanigas rod company in Saginaw MI. According to Art's son Gary, around twenty of these blanks were made for Art back in the fifties. He sold through them and was just about ready to re order when Young died. Prior to Youngs death, he spoke with Art about adding this model to his lineup of models but he died before it was implemented. This was Art's favorite model. I was able to record the taper from Art's personal rod with permission from Art's son Doug who inherited his rod. This model is semi-parabolic in nature and is like a slightly bigger brother to the Young "Midge". If you are a fan of Young's rods, this model will fill the slot between the "Midge" and the "Perfectionist". A pure delight.

P97 (Payne 97) 7 Foot, 4 Weight, 2Piece 2 Tips.

   If your game is small streams, small flies, and you prefer a crisp stroke, yet in a four weight configuration, then this model could be just for you. This model surprises most people who cast it. Not intended for windy days on medium to large rivers. Its true element is fishing size 16 through 28's on quiet days in sheltered waters. Really anything else is a perversion of purpose, but within its theater of efficiency, its pure joy.

P100 (Payne 100) 7 1/2 Foot, 4 Weight, 2 Piece, 2 Tips.

   A bit more length, but not so much that it puts it out of the same category as the P97. Can handle a bit more of a breeze but not too much. A very nice small to medium sized stream rod throwing flies in the 14 to 28 size range.

P101 (Payne 101) 7 1/2 Foot, 5 Weight, 2 Piece, 2 Tips.

    This model casts almost identical to the P100 but in a line weight heavier. A small stream rod that is ideally used on small streams for hatches such as Hendricksons. Just a pleasure to cast, and can be used with a 4 weight line at longer distances.

P102 (Payne 102) 8 Foot, 5 Weight, 2 Piece, 2 Tips.

   This model is a rod to take just about anywhere, and find it a pleasure to fish with. The first rod choice of many fishermen who enjoy a spirited action without it being clubby or overbearing. It is just a very smooth casting rod, which I believe was the hallmark of most, if not all of Jim Payne's tapers. This is one of his best. 

PCC (Payne Canadian Canoe) 8 1/2 Foot, 7 Weight, 3 Piece, 2 Tips.

   The late Joe Garmin, who was a long time classic tackle dealer, was asked some years ago that if he could choose just one rod to fish with, what would it be, and his answer was, "Payne's Canadian Canoe". My first impression casting one of the originals was "WOW"!! It is truly a great taper. Not meant for all fishing, but none are. It is a great streamer rod, and can be used on large rivers to reach crazy distance, with the added benefit of not wearing you out. To me it feels like I'm throwing a five weight. Really! I primarily use mine to fish for outsized browns at night during the hex hatch in Michigan, as well as throw outsized deer hair mice and it feels like I'm casting a size 10 dry fly. It can handle all large trout and even medium to large steelhead. This Payne classic is amazing !       

YMML (Young Martha Marie Light) 7 1/2 Foot, 5 Weight, 2 Piece, 2 Tips.

   This model I "toned down" a bit to be a true 5 weight, whereas many of the originals would throw a 6. I believe that anyone who grew up using graphite could very easily identify with this model, and many have, by pulling the trigger on this one. This rod will nag you to death to make it your choice to fish with.

YP15+ (Young Para-15 Plus) 8 Foot, 5 Weight, 2 Piece, 2 Tips.

   One of the all time great tapers. There are many casters who cannot identify with the Young semi parabolics, but I maintain, that once the timing, the correct application of power, and the length of travel in the stroke are mastered, there are few, if any, rod tapers that can surpass the efficiency of these tapers. And especially the Para 15. I put a tad more wood in the butt to lessen the difficulty in achieving what I described above, to make it easier. I prefer to tab this taper as a semi-semi-parabolic taper in that it doesn't bend as far into the butt. A do anything rod. If you prefer the original configuration, that can be arranged without any added pain.    

YD (Young Driggs) 7 Foot 2 Inches, 5 Weight, 2 Piece, 2 Tips.

   The famous little Young powerhouse that is the choice of many fisherman fishing small streams with grasshoppers to relatively large fish. It has the power to pull fish from wood and land large fish. A surprising feat for such a small package. I witnessed a friend land a 24 inch brown during the hex hatch without a lot of trouble. Another rod for the graphite rod fisherman who has been entertaining "jumping the fence".

D7612 (Dickerson 7612) 7 1/2 Foot, 4 Weight, 2 Piece, 2 Tips.

   This is a model that I had the privilege of owning two of years ago and I can say without pause that it is a beautiful taper to fish. I put it on a par with the Payne 100 as far as being pleasurable to cast, but remember, it has its limitations. After all, it is a four weight. But what a four weight. Incomparable!

D7613 (Dickerson 7613) 7 1/2 Foot, 5 Weight, 2 Piece, 2 Tips.

   The big brother to the 7612. This is to me, the quintessential 5 weight dry fly rod. Although Dickerson preferred rods like the 8013, 7612, and the like, it was the quicker rods such as the 7613, the 8014, 8014 guide, 8015, 8015 guide, that put him on the map. There isn't much you couldn't do with this model, without having to unecessary lug around another six or twelve inches in length. Its one of those rods that is just easy to cast.    

D8013 (Dickerson 8013) 8 Foot, 5 Weight, 2 Piece, 2 tips.

   Here is a rod that I could just copy the description of the P102. I put it in the very same category. Smooth is the byword here. To me the genius of Dickerson is on display in the outworking of this taper. Unhurried but not slow. Subtle, but not sleeping. A true companion onstream that can only bond with you as time moves on.   

D8014 (Dickerson 8014) 8 Foot, 6 Weight, 2 Piece, 2 Tips.

   The 8014 is the slightly bigger brother of the 8013. A rod that can handle bigger fish better than the 8013. A rod that is great for streamers, fishing brown drakes and hex flies without having to struggle, wondering exactly where your fly is. Where you want it to go, it will go, even if darkness makes you feel blindfolded. Authority and command, but with a velvet hand.

M84 8 Foot, 4 Weight, 2 Piece, 2 Tips.

   My favorite daytime line weight in an eight foot length. I set out to find this configuration from available tapers from different makers and found that none of them suited my tastes. Although I hadn't intended on tackling this part of rod building, I had to in order to satisfy my own desires. After four tries (two too stiff, and two too soft for my tastes), I finally have one that suits me. This model in my mind, can only be described as an excellent spring creek dry fly rod. For those that are familiar with the Dickerson 8012 (an 8 foot 4 weight), it is quicker in action than that, but not with an overbearing manner. Just a bit more authority on the stroke, but with the delicacy needed to protect fine points used on small flies. Precision and delicacy, a tough act, but something that I believe has been achieved here.