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Custom Work

   If you require a touch of individual customization integrated into your rod that would make it "stand out in the crowd" so to speak, or just a slightly different twist, this can be accomplished without too much trouble, and in a lot of cases without any added cost. Custom work can be something as simple as a particularly shaped handle, a favorite wood used for the reel seat, a full length one piece wood handle, checkering, a stacked leather handle, a particular color shade of the bamboo due to the amount that it is flamed, the options can almost be endless, and only be determined by your own tastes. To make something like that happen, all that is necessary is an interchange of accurate information exchanged between you and I. Accuracy is the key word here. I am a firm believer in the axiom that " There will be a frustrating of plans where there is a lack of confidential talk". I will not move forward in any stage of custom work until we both understand accurately the ideas presented and agreed upon. My satisfaction in any custom feature built into a rod is dependant upon one thing, your satisfaction. Many custom features as mentioned prior, will not cost any more than a standard rod model (like a particular shaped cork grip or wood species for a reel seat spacer), but I have to know before I mount the spacer and shape the grip, not after. In most cases this is accomplished, but I did have one customer make his request after it was already done, so timely communication is a must. Things such as wood handles and the like will cost more, but you will know beforehand what that will be before it is done, not after. 

   Another aspect to be seriously considered is the collectability factor of your rod as time passes. History teaches us that uniqueness, rarity and the quality of a rod almost always enhances its value at a much quicker rate than more common rods. The higher initial cost will be recovered, and value increased at a much quicker rate than the more common models. This collectability factor shouldn't deter you from using the thing though, it's first and foremost a "fish pole" and should be used, not put in a showcase. 

   My personal tastes tend to be on the conservative side. That is why I prefer earth tones and simple understated guide wraps and use of hardware, but custom work or customization is a matter of personal taste, and only should be dictated by your desires, not someone elses opinion. I will only help you to be aware of your options. The choices ultimately belong to you.

   I welcome and encourage all inquiries and discussions.

                                             Mark McKellip